Friday, November 2, 2007

Vegan MoFo

Thanks for letting everyone use the banner, Katie!

So I decided to get my blog on and my ass in gear this month. I was sick a bit last month, not to mention insanely busy and I didn't post nearly as much as I had been. My goal is to write a blog post at least every other day. November = Vegan MoFo. Just click that link and read about it there. You know you want to. Isa's blog rocks anyway, so really you should be checking it out without me having to tell you. What are you waiting for? Go! Now! Oh, wait... no, not yet. Finish reading this first.

Errr... now I've gotten you all excited. So you go take care of that and enjoy this awesome picture of some really cute alpacas eating a pumpkin. I think this was my favorite picture in October. I have much love for alpacas and their cute little selves. And they're eating pumpkins. So, it's like seasonal and stuff.


Now that you've enjoyed the awesomeness of the alpacas for the day, you are almost complete. I'm going to Seattle this weekend to visit some friends. We're going to Carmelitas on Saturday night and then Mighty-O again on Sunday. Oh, joy! This will be the first time my new camera has been out of town taking food porn pictures. I'm quite excited to share them all with you when I get back. :D


  1. those alpacas look SO cute and cuddly! good start to VeganMoFo!

  2. i am doing nablopomo... i don't know if i could post about food EVERY day! i would love to, but shamefully some nights dinner isn't much more than potato chips and dried fruit! maybe next year :D

  3. I joined veganmofo too- and am very excited to see the billions of blog posts that it will inspire!

    How cute are those alpacas? They are insanely adorable.