Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Infamous Chickpea Cutlets Come to My House

On my trip to Seattle last weekend, I went down to Barnes & Noble and got my hot little hands on the Veganomicon. It still hasn't been released in Canada and I've been so jealous of everyone else that already had theirs.

Interestingly, I noticed that the employees at the Bellingham, Washington Barnes & Noble can't spell worth a damn. Even though there are books above the very shelf that the label was on with the same word they were trying to spell, they still spelled it wrong.


Yeah... good one, Barnes & Noble.

So it seems like the two things from Veganomicon that are the most popular in vegan blogland are the Jelly Donut Cupcakes and the Chickpea Cutlets. The very first night that I was home from Seattle, I made those awesome Chickpea Cutlets. Yummy!


I was also craving some sort of potato so I also made the Herb Scalloped Potatoes. They were so delicious! I decided to make the mustard sauce for the cutlets also. Even cooler, I needed to get mustard from the market and they had this amazing Tarragon Mustard. That really made the sauce something special. I definitely think you should try and find some sort of fun flavored mustard if you make this sauce. Not that it wouldn't be great all on it's own, but the extra little punch of tarragon... mmmmm!



  1. I want. I want Chickpea Cutlets. I want, I need.

    And the potatoes too.


  2. My first time here and just couldn't help reading so many of your past posts! Those donuts --oh my god and I don't even like them a whole lot... does Mighty-O deliver??

  3. Jeeeebus. Chickpea cutlest. Potatoes. Tarragon. llrrgghhhhhhh (Homer Simpson drooling sounds)

  4. moutarde verte à l'estragon. mmmhhh!