Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tofurky Sausage Saves Breakfast!

Okay, so there wasn't really anything wrong with breakfast that needed saving, really. But these sausages are damn good. I only just discovered them a few months ago and now they've become one of those things that I make sure to have all of the time. I go through phases with breakfast. For a while there I was addicted to the Vegan McMuffin (and I still salivate when thinking of them). Then I went through my tempeh bacon period. Right now it's all about the tofurky sausages.


I'm not normally one to buy a ton of fake meats and stuff. I try and stick to veggies and grains or seitan and tempeh and tofu. Every now and then it seems like the faux things just sort of fit with what I'm making, though.

I also have a confession to make... I eat breakfast all the time. Sometimes I'll eat it for dinner a few nights in a row. It's a fast and easy way to have a yummy dinner when I'm too tired to cook. The trick is to keep a bag of frozen potatoes in the freezer for hashbrowns. Sometimes I'll also cook some polenta or make some toast to go with everything. Sometimes the sausages go on the side, though lately I've been loving mixing them in with the potatoes.

As luck would have it, my potatoes didn't really brown the one time I was taking a picture of them.

And I have to thank Roman for introducing me to hot sauce on potatoes. I made fun of him for it until I tried it one day. Yay for hot sauce on hash browns! Especially Cholula. Even better... the Garlic Cholula. Yum! I can't find that one here in Vancouver, sadly. I'll have to have one of my friends in Texas mail me some. That's right... I'm gonna get people to mail me some hot sauce. You're jealous. I know it. ;)

Too bad I just ate dinner... now I want breakfast. Maybe I'll just make a nice cup of tea instead. Oh yeah... there's gonna be a post about tea in the near future. Yay tea!


  1. My fake meat lovin' is for the SOYRIZO! Oh-so-glorious & spiced! yum yum.

  2. Anything that I have eaten that was tofurky has been amazing. The faux lunch meat, OH MY!! mmmm. tofurky.

  3. Melisser - I have heard of the fabled Soyrizo, but haven't been able to find it in stores. One of these days, I'm going to try it for sure.

    Candice - oh, I just love the tofurky deli slices. Soooo good. Really, the only brand of that type of thing that I think has much flavor at all.

  4. I'm jalous cause we don't have Tofurky in Quebec.. well, I never saw any.
    You know any products we have in Qc that's not else where?