Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Margarita. On the rocks, frozen or cupcake?


I never have tequila. Every time I want to make the Margarita cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, I'm annoyed at myself because of that. I know I could have just left it out. Dammit, I wanted to have tequila in my cupcakes, too! Really, let's face it, when someone offers you a cupcake and then tells you there's liquor in it, it does make the cupcake even more interesting and therefore more exciting to eat.

I finally bought some tequila (and brandy, but that's another post) and I finally made these cupcakes. Holy crap on a stick, batman, these are awesome. I love the taste of fresh lemons and limes in baked goods. There is so much awesome lime juice and lime zest in these.


Just look at the batter! You can see how cute the green lime zest looks swimming in there. Don't get the wrong idea. The cupcakes aren't sour at all. The organic limes I used gave such a fresh burst of flavor without any bitterness. Yum!

Because I'm currently obsessed with mini cupcakes and mini muffins, I made these tiny also. Sort of like having a shot of margarita, but in cupcake form. Not that people drink margaritas as shots unless it's upside down... but I digress. The secret to filling your mini muffin cups without making a mess - use a cookie scoop!


Obviously you can also use the cookie scoop for cookies, but it rocks for filling tiny muffin cups, too. I got this at either Michael's or Target and I know it wasn't more than $3 or so. It's totally worth getting one even if you only make mini muffins/cupcakes every now and then. Besides, it also makes cookies easier and more uniform.



  1. Hi! I've wanted to make mini cupcakes for so long! How does the baking time and temperature differ? I have made these, too, but was unable to find good sugar - where'd you get yours? Happy T-day!

  2. When I make the mini muffins or cupcakes, I usually turn the heat down by 25-50 degrees and cook them for about 10 minutes less. There's a rule about it somewhere, but I always forget, so I just sorta wing it usually. The best thing to do is just keep checking every 5 minutes after like 15 minutes has passed. Some things cook faster than others, I've noticed. You can also get away with cooking things a tiny bit longer if you're using silicone baking pans.

    As for the sugar, I couldn't find any good sugar either. I had some pink, blue, purple, red and green individual sugars and I just mixed a teaspoon or two of each. I wish I had some yellow, it needs more balance.