Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Wayward Brunch

After getting quite a few great suggestions for breakfast in Seattle, we decided to try out Wayward Vegan Cafe. Seriously, holy cow. I will definitely be going back there again. The food was amazeballs. I want to try one of everything on the menu. I also always forget how large the portions are in the US so we ended up with a ton of food. I can never say no to grits with my breakfast, though so that's partially my fault. Ah, well.

This was my plate. Country fried seitan steak with hash browns and tofu scramble. So good. The gravy was really good, I kept scooping it onto my hashbrowns to eat it with them, too. I think that if I ever order this again, I'll ask for extra gravy just for that very purpose. I don't eat a ton of seitan because it has a tendency to set off my allergies, but sometimes I like to throw caution to the wind. The delicious wind. The seitan was lightly breaded and crispy and tasted great. I really liked it, but I think I actually prefer the country fried steak at Georgetown Liquor Company more. No worries, there are tons more things to try on this menu so it'll be a while before I get back around to this, especially considering that I don't live in Seattle.

Now let me speak of this tofu scramble. At first I was all oh, yeah, whatever. Boring tofu scramble on the side. But no! Even though this is just plain tofu scramble with no frills, it was really tasty. It's really fluffy and light and full of flavor. I think I mowed through that first, actually. I couldn't get enough. Yum, yum, yum!

James ordered the seitan hash. The blurry seitan hash as it were. I've learned my lesson about trying to take photos in the morning before I've eaten. This is the second time in a week I've done this. But, I digress. Here's the thing about the seitan hash. We were tricked! It doesn't look like anything all that special, but it tastes amazing. Somehow they've mixed the seitan in with the tofu so you barely notice it in there when you're looking at it. They used some kind of tasty herbs and spices when making the seitan to make it even more awesome. There are also huge chunks of potatoes, green peppers and onions. He kept saying how good the toast was, too. It'll be hard not to get this and try something else next time we're there.

And, of course, I can't go without my grits. You can pretty much tell what was going on with the grits. I mixed it all together, added some salt and pepper and a little nooch and ate until I thought I might burst. Good times.

As I'm trying to write this, James is sitting behind me reading some old song lyrics that he wrote in 1992 in high school. He just found this notebook that has written on the cover: "DO NOT: read, look at, take, open, abuse, touch or go near this book" Greatness. So if none of this post makes any sense, you can blame him.


  1. Wayward is great! I also love Cafe Flore in Seattle for brunch- great pecan cinnamon rolls and tofu scramble.

  2. Just found your blog when looking for a cheesy scone recipe. Thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed your brunch, and I hope you get to come back soon. However, I should probably warn you that the grits came off the menu. :-/
    Now I'm off to make your cheese scones!
    ~Doh, one of the owners of Wayward