Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is It Like Trick-Or-Treating If You Pay For It?

We were in Seattle this past weekend, where I always get into so many kinds of trouble with food. And I mean trouble like sneaking out at night to go the best party every and not getting caught sneaking back in trouble. Eating is one of the highlights for sure. I always go to Mighty-O on my way out of town on Sunday mornings so I can grab a dozen donuts to take back home with me. Sadly, I came down with the flu on Sunday morning so we had to skip it this time even though that totally breaks my heart.

However, we did go for an awesome breakfast at Wayward Vegan Cafe on Saturday morning (more on that tomorrow) and then got pulled in by Sidecar across the street. Since it's the end of October I sort of felt like we went trick-or-treating after we left that place. I bought so many delicious goodies. The funny thing is that we don't typically eat sweets except for every now and then. I think this'll keep us set for quite a few months.

Some of this stuff I can get in Canada, but only if I make the trek out to New Westminster where the only vegan store is. It's a bit far so I don't end up going there as much as I'd like so I'm honestly not sure if they now have some of the flavors/brands that we picked up. I know that some of this stuff I've never seen in Canada at all. I pretty much bought a bunch of stuff that looked delicious that I can't easily get up here. This is what happens when I go into a vegan store on a whim, I guess.

I can't wait to be done with this flu so I can get to eating some of this stuff! I'm really excited to try the Nacho Mama Queso. We're big fans of tortilla chips and salsa and/or guacamole at our house so this'll slip right into our snacking quite well. I always say that nachos are one of my favorite food groups! The peanut butter cups we tried when we were in Hawaii and I regretted not buying a bunch more to bring home. That explains why we bought an entire box of them. I mean, come one. Organic, dark chocolate peanut butter cups. What isn't to love?!


  1. That's all right down the street from my house! Pigs for Peace is AMAZING! Were you able to check out Highline while you were in town? If not, definitley go next time

  2. No, I've never been to Highline, but I"ll add it to my list for sure! I feel like I'm always discovering awesome new places to go in Seattle.

  3. Haha, it seems like it would count - just as long as you feel the same rush and giggle while eating it (or is that just me?). ^^ I hope that you feel better very soon!