Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Flour Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Sometimes I wonder who coined a certain phrase. Who was the first one to say that something was more *insert word here* than you can shake a stick at? Because what does shaking a stick at something have anything to do with it? Upon googling this, the internets seem to be unsure where exactly this came from, but apparently it has something to do with shaking sticks at people meaning they're worthy opponents. Ummm... okay. So how did turn into meaning there's an abundance of something? These are the things I think about.

I wish I had a stick so I could shake it at all of this awesome flour that we just picked up! Earlier in the summer I signed up for a local wheat CSA from Urban Grains and everything was harvested and packaged and ready for pickup this weekend. I found out about a potato CSA a little too late, but I'm definitely going to do that one next year, too.

Paige is inspecting the flour

Yes, apparently it meets her standards. She seems pleased with the 20kg of flour on the table.

Here's what's awesome: this flour is local, organic and ends up being cheaper than buying this same amount at the market. I like supporting local farmers and have been trying to eat as local as possible for the past few years. I'm lucky to be living in British Columbia for that. There are so many wonderful small farms in this province. The farmers markets here are pretty great and there's even a winter market so you can get local stuff year-round.

I go through quite a bit of flour so I'll have absolutely no problem using it up. I wonder if I'll even make it to the new year? There are two kinds of flour: soft white and hard red wheat.  The soft white is supposed to be especially good for pastries and cookies and that sort of thing. The hard red I'll probably use as my main bread flour.

While I was taking pictures of the flour, this is the kind of tomfoolery that was going on behind me. Now I wonder where tomfoolery came from...

My girls are always hanging out on top of the refrigerator. Phoebe especially likes to sleep next to potted plants for some reason. She really likes this one and a little pine tree we have in the bedroom. Sometimes we call her Jungle Cat because of it.

Looks like Paige is about to head up there to join the fun. More like she'll make one of them move so she can sit up there. That's my little crotchety old lady for you.


  1. The flours look wonderful, but I am distracted by your beautiful kitties! I'm sure you didn't plan that or anything . . . .

  2. Flour CSA? That's awesome!

    Your cats are beautiful, too.

  3. Oh my goodness, your cats are BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the bright green eyes of your calico long hair, I wasn't sure if that was Phoebe!

  4. Thanks! Those girls know they're pretty, too. They love having their picture taken.

    Mandee, the grey long haired one is Piper, Phoebe is the tortoiseshell next to her.

  5. I'm with CAS--a CSA that provides flour? That is mega super duper awesome. And also bonus points for kitties.

  6. Awww Phoebe & Paige are such cuties.

  7. Love the photo of your sweeties on top of the fridge!