Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vancouver Food Trucks, Part 1

Earlier this year (or maybe late last year, I forget), Vancouver passed a city ordinance allowing food trucks. We already had hot dog stands but that was it. I think it's taking the city a little bit to get used to the food trucks for some reason. I don't really know why, I think they're pretty awesome, personally. There are a few that have vegan things, but not very many. The ones that do pretty much just have veggie burgers, but that's okay. Those particular ones also set aside a spot on the grill just for veggie burgers so they never come into contact with the meat. Pretty awesome. I'm going to try and visit some of those for lunch this month, too, so more on that later.


While this is awesome, what everyone has been waiting for (at least I have been) is the Loving Hut food truck. I guess they had some trouble getting the truck built so they missed out on all of the awesome summer weather when people are most likely to be walking around and buying street food. Bummer. No more waiting! The Loving Hut food truck is open as of today! I'm super stoked because I work right around the corner. I'm only there for another few weeks, though so I'm going to have to hit up the street food while I can.

They're starting out with just a limited menu, but it all looks excellent to me. When you include tax in the prices, they round up to the next dollar so you don't have to worry about having a bunch of random change, either.

I tried the Ruben Sandwich today. It was pretty good. I was starving so I think I might have eaten it in record time. I kind of wish I had gotten two of them, actually. The only bummer about the sandwiches is that they're kind of small. They're delicious and not tiny, don't get me wrong, but not huge either. I wish there was some kind of side to order with the sandwiches even if it was just a bag of chips or a small prepared salad or something. Hopefully that's the kind of thing that's on its way as they get going a bit more. There were some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, but they were $2 each. I wanted a cookie, but I didn't want to pay that much. $1, I would have paid, but not $2 for just one cookie.

The vegan "ham" on my sandwich was really thin and the sauce was yummy and not too messy. I was worried about that; I have the worst luck at getting sauce all over my fingers when I eat things like that. I didn't have that problem with this at all. The bread was toasted just right and the caramelized onions were a nice touch and added a nice extra flavor to the sandwich. I do wish there had been a bit more sauerkraut, though. But maybe that's just me, I like that stuff and it's part of what makes a reuben really awesome. I've only ever had vegan reubens and everywhere seems to make them differently. This is the best one I've had yet. Just a bit more sauerkraut and it's perfect.

If you're out and about in Yaletown, you can find the Loving Hut food truck in front of the Roundhouse Community Center at the corner of Pacific and Davie. They open at 11:30am, but I'm not sure what time they close.


  1. I really wish we had food trucks in the UK. I went to one in Sweden a few years ago & it was awesome.

  2. Hey,

    I'm considering starting an all vegan food truck next year or the year after if I can get the business and approval together. I'm hoping that the city will be open to more vegan options. I'm thinking of doing almost all GF food as well so that it can have wide appeal to people with allergies and food restrictions. I'm kind of leaning towards jackfruit tacos and exotic vegan fusion tacos with homemade sauces and stuff and vegan baked treats. What do you think the vegan scene wants in Vancouver?

  3. Hi Veronica, I think a gluten-free truck would be great! I know a lot of people with allergies of various kinds, whether they're vegan or not and I bet they'd love that. And really, who doesn't love tacos?! Sounds delicious to me.