Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things That Are Awesome: Soy-Free Earth Balance

Earth Balance is one of the most awesome things to happen to margarine in like... ever.  I love that it's not hydrogenated.  I love that it tastes awesome.  I love that it comes in sticks and tubs.  And now, I love that there's a soy-free version!  I wish this also came in stick form, I have to say, but I don't really mind just scooping it out of the container to use in recipes.  It seems to work just as well.


I haven't done a side-by-side taste comparison, but it tastes pretty much the same to me.  I'm not supposed to be eating soy as often as I might like, so this is a product I was really excited for.  It came to the US before Canada and I was chomping at the bit waiting for the day when I could finally buy it.  I think I pestered the customer service people at Whole Foods at least once a month asking when it would be available.

If you're trying to avoid soy for whatever reason, this stuff is for you.  I think it's good to get more of a variety in the foods we eat, anyway.  My naturopath tells me that sometimes eating too much of a particular food can actually cause a sensitivity.  It's interesting how much soy there is in pretty much everything when you start reading labels.  Soy lecithin in particular is hard to avoid.   When I was doing an elimination diet about a year ago to try and get some of my food allergies sorted, the lack of soy-free margarine was a real kicker.  I was using coconut oil as a substitute for margarine on toast, but it's hard to replicate this flavor on things like baked potatoes and the like.

Soy-free Earth Balance, I <3 you.

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