Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Ode to My Kitchen Helpers

Since most of the US is doing Thanksgiving today and probably not really thinking about food except for the awesomeness they just ate and the leftovers to come, I thought I'd do something a little different today.

This post is an ode to my kitchen helpers aka my cats.


Cats always love boxes.  Usually my three get tired of a box after about two weeks.  The exception is this Cuties box.  I think it's so appropriate that Phoebe loves this box so much.  Piper gets in it sometimes, too but not nearly as much as Phoebe.  Actually, she even loves being carried around in the box.  Whenever I have people over, they love seeing how much she likes that.  The cuties box is next to my kitchen island and has a great view of all of the action in the kitchen.  This is generally where Phoebe hangs out when I'm cooking.


This is probably about when something got dropped on the floor and eagle eyes is waiting to see if I'll notice it or not.


Paige prefers the heights.  We have these weird little side things on our counters that are perfect little cat perches.  Paige is very polite and doesn't usually try to bust in on the food preparation.  She just likes to supervise from her perch.


Piper, however is the mischievous one.  I frequently have to shoo her away from the counter when I'm preparing food.  She gets really excited thinking that surely this is going to be the time she gets some.  She usually sits either on top of the refrigerator or on a perch like Paige.  When she's not sitting and watching, she's usually doing things like hiding behind this plant hoping I don't notice her eyeing whatever I'm chopping.