Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Lunch at Annapurna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Oh, look. Another post about what I had for lunch today.

Today I ventured through the rain over to Annapurna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. Interestingly enough, I've never been here even though it's only a few blocks from work. Why? Because under the previous management (and in the old location just a block down the street) the place was never open! How the heck to people expect to get customers when you're always closed at lunch or dinner times!? I mean, seriously. Well, all of that's fixed now. Annapurna's in a new location and is open! For reals.


Lunch was that stuff! A really wonderful lentil dahl soup, even better than at Sejuiced along with an egglplant dish, channa masala, rice and a spiced mixed vegetable and potato type of thing. I was also brought some vegan bread in a little basket. It was like naan with nothing on it. I'm on a cleanse so I couldn't eat the bread, but I bet it was just as good as the rest of this.

For lunch there's just the lunch buffet, but that's fine. It's $9.95 for all you can eat, and really, that's quite reasonable for Kitsilano. More than half of the buffet is vegan, which is really exciting. Everything tasted really fresh. No reheated frozen vegetables here. Each of the dishes had identifiable pieces of fresh chopped herbs in them, too. It's not often you see that and especially not in buffet items. Nothing was OMG the best ever, I must tweet this!, but it was really delicious. I'm definitely going to start adding Annapurna into my lunch rotations.

The restaurant was clean and the host/server was very polite and friendly. I really hope that people start to realize that this isn't the same Annapurna as before. I almost wish they had changed the name just so people would think it was a new restaurant. There was only one other table of people when I came in for lunch and that's just really too bad. I haven't been in for dinner, yet, but I don't live far so I'm definitely putting that on my to-do list. I took a peek at the dinner menu and there are so many items with a notation for being vegan. I love Indian food, so this is pretty rad. James and I are constantly at a loss of where to for dinner on nights we don't feel like cooking or just feel like going out.

So, if you live in Vancouver, go check out the new and improved Annapurna. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for me. I need more awesome places to eat lunch so I definitely want this place to succeed.

Holy shamoly.  I just went to their website to link them and I noticed they have delivery.  Oh, man.


  1. That looks sooo fantastic! Nothing is better than vegan Indian food... wish I were in Vancouver now :)

  2. I haven't been to the new Annapurna! I will definitely have to go soon!