Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seattle Loves Vegans

I love Seattle.  I wish I could meld Seattle with Vancouver so I could live in both places at once.  That would be rad.  Until I figure out how to do that, I'll have to settle for visiting every now and then.  Luckily, I have an awesome friend down there to give me an excuse for doing just that.  Every time I visit we always end up eating ourselves silly.  This past weekend was no exception.

I was really looking forward to going to Squid & Ink for lunch on Saturday.  That was always one of my favorite places.  I was so sad to find out they went out of business.  I'm crying little vegan tears over that one, let me tell you.  They had a flipping awesome menu at that place.  I hope they try and open up again in a better location.  I'll drive down for the grand opening.

Another of my favorite places is the Georgetown Liquor Company.  This is a great little vegetarian and vegan place that serves some amazing vegan tamales and lots of awesome sandwiches with field roast.  The Picard is a favorite.  They didn't used to open until 2 or 3 on Saturdays and it killed me to wait that long for lunch each time.  But, awesomely, now they're open at 10am for brunch!!!  And man, what a yummy brunch it is.  I wish I had remembered to take photos of the food before we decimated it.  It's not exactly photo-friendly lighting in there anyway, so maybe it wouldn't have worked.  Seth and I both had the Chicken Fried Steak.  That's a lovely piece of breaded seitan covered in delicious gravy with a side of roasted potatoes and toast.  I am SO going back for that.  James had the Vegan Eggs Benedict which he seemed to really like.  It was plated really nicely.  I had a forkful and it was quite tasty.  Almost all of the brunch stuff is vegan or easily veganizable by just substituting the cheese for vegan cheese.  Another cool thing for brunch is the make-your-own bloody mary bar.  Sweet.


Dinner was at India Bistro.  This was my first time eating there, but Seth assures me he goes there at least once a week.  I can see why.  I asked the waiter about an item on the menu containing dairy and he volunteered that it was a vegan item.  Big props to them for not only knowing what vegan is, but for having a bunch of vegan options on the menu.  Yay!  When you go, order the Bhindi Masala.  It's the seriously THE BEST Bhindi Masala I have ever had in my entire life.  Most places overcook the okra and it ends up slimy.  This was cooked to perfection.  James had something with dairy in it, so I didn't try his, but Seth had the Aloo Gobi and that was also really wonderful.  I will definitely not be sad about going back there again.  Oh, and the naan is also vegan.  Yeah, I know right.

A tradition for my Seattle trips is a trip to Mighty-O Donuts.  I go there every Sunday on my way back to Vancouver.  I always get a few donuts to eat there and a bunch to take home with me.  I got 4 of the chocolate raspberry donuts this time.  Those are my absolute favorite.  Such a moist chocolate donut with real raspberries in the glaze.  We also got a few of the seasonal pumpkin spice donuts.  So tasty.  I love that I can get lattes made with rice milk here, too.  I wish more places in Vancouver offered that as an option.  I still have two donuts left from my haul, but I'm not sure if they're going to last the night.


I still have two donuts left from my haul, but I'm not sure if they're going to last the night.


  1. The people responsible for Squid & Ink have opened a new place on Capitol Hill, called Highline. I hear the menu's very similar to Squid & Ink's. http://www.highlineseattle.com/

  2. ooh, that is good news. Thanks. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I'm down there.

  3. Oh my, those donuts look amazing. I'd love to be able to live in Brighton & Edinburgh so I know how you feel about the Seattle / Vancouver thing!

  4. (Your food porn brought me here from the flickr MoFo pool. Wow.)

    I was lucky enough to go there once (yay business trip.) If you're ever in the Bay Area, I recommend Pepples (aka donut farm.)