Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seattle Yummies


I love Seattle. I wish that I went to visit my friends down there more often. Somehow the weather is always perfect and the day just flows so nicely. For the middle of September, the high 60s/low 70s of the day was purely fantastic. There was a nice breeze from time to time, cooling things off a bit and adding a bit of a feeling of fall in the air.


I had lunch at Pizza Pi with 4 friends, one of which is one of the very few vegetarians that I know. We had fun rearranging the letter magnets on the wall to spell out ridiculous phrases while we waited for our food. The food came rather quickly, even though we all ordered something different.


Everyone either had a calzone, except Roman who had a pizza. I really enjoyed my calzone filled with faux Canadian bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, green olives and black olives. Roman's pizza had veggie pepperoni (which he ordered using finger quotes when he asked for the pepperoni, much to my amusement), green peppers and jalapenos. I forget what everyone else had, but we all pretty much cleaned our plates. I had never had vegan pizza out before, so this was really rather exciting for me.



After lunch we were wanting to sit and have some tea and maybe something sweet so we headed over to Might-O Donuts. I was thrilled because I had wanted to go there anyway, even if it was just to grab an assortment of donuts to go.


The day being so beautiful, we sat at a table out on the sidewalk and enjoyed petting the dogs walking by and shoving the yummy, sugary goodness in our mouths. They were pretty much cleaned out except for a few flavors when we got there. There were a bunch cooling in the back that were too hot to put out yet, but we got to watch them make some cute little chocolate mini donuts.


We ordered a good ol' glazed, mini cinnamon sugar, mini pumpkin, chocolate glazed cake, and a strawberry shortcake. I was going to get some more to take with me for later, but at the last minute I decided not to because I really wanted some flavors that we hadn't already had and they were still being made or cooling. Next trip I'll be sure to get some to bring back to Vancouver.

This isn't food, but I just had to include a picture of my friend's dog, Squid. He was so worn out after a full day of playing and then a walk around Green Lake. He wanted to play more, but he didn't even have enough energy to get up at this point.



  1. The pizza and donuts looks so tasty!

    I had been to Los Angeles recently, and there were so many wonderful vegan restaurants.

  2. Calzones, donuts and frisbee. Life is good, right?