Friday, September 14, 2007

The Foundation of Fruit Chips


Tonight Roman and I went to Foundation for dinner. It's the first time that I've been to one of the veg*n restaurants outside of Commercial Drive. Man, oh man, am I glad we went. My bell is still quite pleasantly full from the awesome yumminess. I must apologize for the picture quality, though. I had to use my phone camera for all of the pictures in this post.


Foundation is this funky little joint at Main and 7th. The outside is painted this bright green color and "Foundation" is written in a pseudo-graffiti style. The side of the building as well as all of the walls on the inside are decorated with large quotes in black lettering on a stark white background. They're all nifty stuff about animal rights, human rights and stuff that awesome famous people have said. Stuff that inspires and makes you feel good for trying to make a difference in the world. The tables and chairs were all a mis-mosh of styles and textures. Our table was an old 50s style table with a formica top and chrome banding around the sides. It gave the place a nice, comfortable feel.

Almost everything on the menu is vegan. I think that only the nachos with their cheese is the only non-vegan item, actually. I wish I had remembered to write down the names of the food we had. I'll just have to describe it instead. Roman had a dish with sesame tofu, broccoli, spinach and rice. I tried his tofu and hot damn! was that tasty. I'm not sure what they marinated it in (tamari and some other yummies, I think), but it was out of this world.

Roman placed the wine and the candle around his bowl to help add ambiance.

I had this great assortment of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and lots more) on a bed of quinoa and spinach with a spicy coconut sauce. mmmm!


The only downside of the evening was their lack of pie. I was so disappointed to hear that they were out. Hopefully next time they'll have some. :D I was tempted to get some of the dark chocolate fondue with fruit, but I was already so full that I had to get a box for my extras.

Tomorrow we're heading down to Seattle to visit some friends and hoping to hit Pizza Pi and Mighty-O Donuts. I'm salivating just thinking about it. I don't typically eat out this much, but who can resist the vegan restaurants, I ask you. No one who isn't crazy, that's who! Err... no, that would rule me out... errr... yeah... oh, look, shiny!


The vending machine at work sometimes has apple chips in it. I don't get them every day, but I do get quite excited to have a bag of apple chips after lunch. This week, something very weird got added. Being the adventurous type, I decided that I would try this very odd little bag of vending machine wonder.

Behold! The Peach Mango Paradise Chip!


Don't be fooled... they're this weird mixture of rice, potato and fruit. Instead of salt on the outside there's a fine dusting of fructose. It's really not what you'd expect. They look like carrot chips to me, so I kept being surprised when they weren't salty and earthy. Instead they're just slightly sweet, but quite flavorful. I expected them to have the texture of an apple chip or something, but they were much more like one of those Lays Stackers potato chip thingies. Curiouser and curiouser. I liked them, though.

I wasn't sure how well these would go over, but both rows of them in the vending machine were only about two-thirds full.



  1. Hello! I hope I caught you before your trip around Seattle. Make sure you visit this pizza place if you're craving a good Vegan pizza. Pizza Pi is good, but Juliano's on Capitol Hill is better! Other restaurants to try: Hillside Quickies (U District & Capitol Hill area); Squid & Ink and Georgetown Liquor Company (in Georgetown, cool industrial neighborhood of Seattle, just South Of Downtown); Teapot Vegetarian House (Capitol Hill); Vegetarian Bistro (Chinese) & Vegan Garden (Vietnamese) in the International District. Have fun!

  2. I didn't get your comment until I came back, but I'll make sure to keep all of those recommendations! I go down to Seattle fairly often and it's exciting to have so many vegan choices.