Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jager Bomb Cupcakes

I have never actually had a Jager Bomb. I'm more of a Bombay Sapphire gin and ginger ale type of gal. But I hear they're all the rage with the kids nowadays. No matter, a friend just sent me this link and I thought it was so awesome, I had to share. If anyone makes these, let me know how they turn out!

From Om Nom Nom...


  1. I love how you did the frosting, cute!

  2. I didn't make these, unfortunately. That picture is from the other blog. They are very cool, though.

  3. As lovely as that cupcake may be, I will have to pass and probably show my age when I recall the days of yore when I used to do too many shots of jaeger- not fun.

  4. I love novelty cupcakes - especially alcoholic ones!

  5. awesome use of the jaeger!

    miss you, SaraJane!

  6. Oh noooooo, get it away from me! I can't handle jaeger bombs but I know some ppl who can, these might make god b'day cupcakes for them, thanks for the linkage!

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  9. just stopping by to say hi! HI!

    I still haven't worked up the courage to try these cupcakes... ;-)

  10. Hey! Nice blog. Really wanted to comment because I like Bombay with ginger ale too! Just thought I'd say something cos I've never known anyone else who's tried that combo before. Do you have yours with a squeeze of lime? Delicious.

  11. Never heard of anything like this. I have family who like Jager so I will be passing on the website to them. Thanks for sharing the link.

  12. Wow a shot in a cupcake doesn't get any better then this!