Thursday, December 6, 2007

BBQ Pomegranate Tofu

I have been waiting two years for this moment. The first time I read Vegan with a Vegneance, I immediately wanted to make the BBQ Pomegranate Tofu. Alas, I couldn't find Pomegranate Molasses anywhere. Determined, I started to scour the stores for it. I have lived in two different states in the US and one province in Canada and still, no luck.

Then, one magical day that we'll call Tuesday I was putzing around the market near my apartment. What to my wandering eyes should appear but a bottle of pomegranate molasses. Hells yeah! The market has started to carry all sorts of new things, this being one of them. I think I actually let out a little squeal of joy when I saw this bottle hanging out on the bottom shelf with the honey and sugar and molasses.


I was planning on making something else for dinner that night, but screw that, I had waited long enough for this tofu. I swear I was hugging the bottle as I walked over to the veggies to get something to go with it.


I was not disappointed. This was so easy to make, and actually rather fast since you can be doing so many other things while the tofu is in the oven. I expected it to be a bit spicier and more savory than it was. I think I'll add a bit more hot sauce or maybe some chopped chiles next time I make this. I ended up with a ton of leftover sauce. I'm sure I'll find something interesting to make with it. I've never made my own barbeque sauce before, and I have to admit, that was kinda cool.


  1. Ooh hooray! I may have to look for Pom Molasses as well now.

  2. I totally love your blog. It's so great.

  3. OMG, that's awesome! I just bought VWAV, and have been wondering how in the world I would find pomegranate molasses . . . just the thought that it exists somewhere gives me hope!

  4. Pomegranate molasses? ...This really sounds very exotic, never heard about something like that in my entire life (and I love sweet things and fruit syrups) :O *wow* Always new amazing things to learn from the veggie blogs...

  5. sounds delicious- will have to keep my eyes out for it!

  6. you definitely don't need pom molasses to make the dish. and altho i haven't made it with the pom molasses, it tastes very good and i can't imagine it makes that much difference. i usually just sub reg molasses and a couple of tbsps of grape juice (pom juice makes me sick to my stomach so i dont buy it).

    but yeah, making my own bbq sauce was wicked cool and i'll never buy store bought again!