Sunday, August 12, 2007


You've gotta love street food. No, really. You do. Being vegan, there's something mystical about people ordering food from the little carts randomly around the city. There are times when I wish that I could participate in that little slice of city culture. Being vegan, that opportunity doesn't come around as often as I'd like. Until now, that is. :D

Vancouver is an amazing city for veg*ns. Almost every single restaurant has at least one vegan menu item and generally will even state that it's vegan on the menu. When you're used to living in places like Texas and Virginia where you're lucky to get a salad that hasn't been tainted this is like a little cloud floated down from heaven and let you hitch a ride.

This brings me to the amazing experience that is Japadog. No, I am not making that up, it's really called that. My tattoo artist gave me the recommendation yesterday. I'd never even heard of this before and lucky for me, it's only a few blocks from the studio. This rocks because I generally need some food after being inked for 3 hours straight. (I'm in the middle of getting a sleeve)

Right at the corner of Burrard and Smithe, you can find this crazy little cart of Japanese/American junk food fusion.

Awesomely, Japadog has the Yves vegan hotdogs, so you can get any of their hotdogs veggified. Rock on, Japadog. I decided to go all the way and try the Oroshi. It had daikon, green onions and soy sauce on top of a veggie dog in a sesame seed bun. They even cook the veggie dogs on their part of the grill. I wasn't sure if I'd like this or not, but I'm all about adventures in food. While I thoroughly enjoyed my veggie Oroshi (served with a big smile from the two gals working at the stand), I noticed that everyone else was getting the Teramayo. I love me some Japanese food, especially anything with seaweed so I'm definitely going to go back and try the Teramayo (seaweed, onions, teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo) next time, but without the wasabi mayo. They do have wasabi powder that you can sprinkle on, so I figure that will be a great substitute.

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  1. Seriously, though.. if you come across something a great sounding as Japadog, you really have no choice but to give it a whirl.