Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowy Gingerbread

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a bit obsessed with mini-cupcakes right now. I realize that I have a serious addiction. Whenever I think to make cupcakes, it doesn't even occur to me to make them regularly sized anymore.


You see, the best thing about mini-cupcakes is that they're small. Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious, clearly they're small or they wouldn't be called "mini" anything, now would they? I think not. But the smallness means that I can just eat one whenever I want a snack and it's not too much. Even if I eat two of them, that's still less than a big girl cupcake. If I'm making them for other people, it means that more people get the chance to have one... or if it's my coworkers, it means that they will just eat 4 of them, having one every hour or so until there are none left.

Plus, mini things are cute. Kittens are basically mini cats and they're adorable! Unless you're some sort of monster who hates kittens and in that case I don't want to make cupcakes for you anyway, you big meanie.

So because kittens and mini cupcakes are both awesome things, I made mini Gingerbread cupcakes this past weekend! Vegan cupcakes really are taking over the world, people. I was told that these are best cupcakes I've made so far, but the guy that told me that says it pretty much every time I bring him cupcakes. I take that to mean that my cupcakes are always awesome. Clearly.

It snowed this weekend in Vancouver for the first time, too. It was amazingly beautiful. While the world was being covered in a soft white blanket outside, inside smelled spicy and warm. I mean, just look at how perfectly the tops did that cute little gingerbread cracky thing. Yeah... awesome.


I made the VCTOTW Lemony Cream Cheese Frosting to go on top and added some chopped up crystalized ginger as a garnish. I love me some ginger, so that is always a welcome addition to cupcakes.


And because I loved it so much, here are some snow pictures that I took in my neighborhood on Saturday night and Sunday morning.



This is my cat Phoebe. When I got home on Saturday, I found her like this on the couch. It wasn't cold inside, she just likes to burrow. She moved this blanket from the back of the couch to where the cushions are and moved the folds around until it was just perfect. I immediately took her picture, it was cracking me up so much. What a great way to spend a snowy Saturday!



  1. Delicious cupcakes, and your cat is so cute!

  2. Those pictures of the snow look beautiful. Also, you've totally converted me to mini cupcakes.

  3. Absolutely great photography. Well, hehe, except for that devil feline at the end. Okay, okay, I'm a dog person. ;)

    Animals are great. Alive. Versus on a plate.

    That said, I can taste that cupcake and even get a papercut from its container with that picture of yers.

    [P.S. The Word Verification for my post here is "akohwl". Is that some form of alcohol I haven't discovered yet?]

  4. I have to say, this is an awesome post! You've got it all, from cupcakes, cats, to snow. What more could an east coast vegan like me ask for? :)

  5. i wanted you to know i just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! everything looks super delicious, and now i am starving :)

  6. Mmm, cupcakes! I made some minis yesterday & they were perfect to share with a group of volunteers I'm working with. I like to use wrappers that stand on their own, so I can make as many as I have batter for!

  7. You've reminded me that I have a mini-cupcake pan- why don't I ever use it??

    Oh, and I think we are snow and cat buddies- I'm knee deep in both!

  8. The cupcakes look sooo good! The kitty's pretty cute too!

  9. Okay, I love me this post: the correlation between kittens & mini-cupcakes- brilliant of course and ginger mini-cuppers no less with crystallized ginger- yum and that pic of Phoebe- too perfect.