Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eggplant Bacon

Okay, so it doesn't really taste like bacon, but it's pretty good all the same. I've been intrigued with the Eggplant Bacon recipe in Appetite for Reduction for a while now. I just kept forgetting to buy eggplant or I'd have tried it a while back. You end up with this nicely flavored roasted eggplant that goes really well on salads or sandwiches. We put it on a salad this first time but then there was leftover so we just kept eating it off the plate. I think it's the liquid smoke that's the secret.


 It's still gorgeous summer weather out here right now so I'm thinking there will be a few more lunches and dinners like this one. If you can stand turning your oven on for the time it takes to bake the eggplant, I think this is something that would go well with all sorts of things. You could maybe make it early in the morning when it's not so hot yet if the heat is an issue. Eggplant Bacon is super easy to make. You just slice up some eggplant, mix together the marinade, dip the eggplant in the marinade and bake it. Easy peasy. Even better - even some of our omnivore friends loved it. 



  1. I am pretty sure this is much better than bacon (confession: I never had bacon).

  2. Well, it's been at least 15 years since I've had bacon, maybe more so I'm not exactly the most reliable source on what that sort of thing tastes like. Either way, the Eggplant Bacon is tasty!