Monday, August 15, 2011

Coconut Glen's Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I have a whole bunch of stuff saved up for talking about all of the awesome vegan stuff in Maui, but Coconut Glen's really deserves a post all its own. It's just that neat. In searching the internets before leaving Canada, I kept finding mentions of this place and was quite intrigued. If you're driving on the road to Hana, I highly recommend you stop and sample the ice cream. It's really delicious and so fresh!

Aren't these bowls just the greatest?! You can get ice cream to go in little paper cups as well, but really, why would you pass up the opportunity to eat out of a coconut bowl. That's just silly. The spoons are made from the outer husks of coconuts. You just throw the spoon into the yard when you're done with it. Sadly, you have to return the bowls to the counter when you're done. I'd have loved to have had a few of those.


You'll see this sign between mile markers 27 and 28. If you don't stop, you'll be sorry. If no one is out there, just honk and someone will come out of the house behind the stand.


We saw this sign in the grass near the parking area. It definitely made me giggle.


Such a cute little ice cream stand in the middle of nowhere.


Just to the right of the stand is this bit of coconut carnage. You can't get much fresher than that.


You can buy just a coconut if you want. Someone will grab a fresh one and chop it with a machete right then and there for you. So cool. The outer husk pieces become spoons for the ice cream. Neat!


There are so many flavors, it was hard to decide. I forgot to write them all down or take a photo of the menu board, so from memory, this is what I think you can choose from: original (plain coconut milk flavor), chocolate aloha (chocolate with coconut candy), pineapple banana, chipotle chocolate (spicy!), lilikoi (passionfruit), coffee toffee, and there were a few more that had combinations of papaya, banana, pineapple and other Hawaiian fruits. I really wish I had remembered to take that photo!


I pretty much just remember which flavors we ordered. They were so delicious, I was scraping the bowl with the coconut spoon trying to get every last bit of ice cream out of the bowl. On the left is the lilikoi (passionfruit) and on the right is the pineapple banana. Don't you just love the presentation?!


James loves his lilikoi ice cream. We buy coconut milk ice cream at home all of the time, but it's never like this. Oh man. It's worth the drive to Hana just to have some of this.


When you first roll up, you'll also be offered a sample of the coconut candy. It's quite delicious. It's just coconuts and sugar. We liked it so much we bought a bag of it. Some of the ice cream flavors have bits of this sprinkled on top so you can sort of get two treats in one that way.



  1. Oh wow! I want to go there so badly now and eat some ice cream.

  2. Wow, that ice cream looks sooooo good! I love Hawaii, too, though I've only been to Oahu and Kauai. Looks like I need to put Maui on my list of places to visit soon!

  3. I went to Maui when I was 11 and took the Road to Hana and it was beautiful. It's decades later and I've decided that now I absolutely have to go back and find this place. Thank you for sharing!