Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win a Copy of The Joy of Vegan Baking

Who doesn't like free stuff? I've decided to have a few contests to give away some cookbooks that I don't really use or that I have doubles of. I'm still deciding how often to do this, but I might make it a monthly thing. Awesome!

This month you can win a copy of The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I've had this one for a while and only used it once or twice. It should definitely go into the hands of someone who would use it more than I do!

All you have to do to enter is post a comment on this blog post telling me what kinds of things you'd like to see on this blog. Is there something that you'd like me to do an instructional step-by-step thing for? A cookbook you've been wanting to try, but are curious how the recipes turn out? Is there some vegetable or fruit that you're not sure what to do with and you need ideas? Do you wish I posted more soup recipes? Let me know and you're automatically entered to win the book.

I'll use a random number generator to choose the winner. This is open to everyone, no matter where you live. Yay for international contests! :) The contest ends on Sunday, June 26.


If you have this cookbook, you can make brownies and stuff. Doesn't that picture make you want brownies? (The one in the picture is the Fudgy Wudgy brownies recipe from Veganomicon made with raspberries instead of blueberries with some vanilla soy ice cream on top. Yum!)


  1. I LOVE restaurant reviews, both local (I am close to Vancouver!) and through travel. All in all I think you have a great balance/great blog!

  2. Eee! I would love to win that book! Over the last few months I've really enjoyed baking vegan treats :)

    I think it would be awesome for you to do a series of recipes that are easy to make in large quantities and freeze well for easy reheating later.

    Love the blog! Keep it up!

  3. I'm always interested in ideas for sandwich fillings! I find it way too easy to get stuck in a rut of just eating hummus everyday.

  4. I think it would be awesome if you could post quick and easy recipes for those with little time to prepare meals!

  5. i'm a big fan of bringing my lunches to work. Any tips on foods that are a quick lunch room prep, or that travel nicely for leftover goodness would be appreciated :D

  6. I would really like to see some dishes that are kid-friendly. I want to be sure that my kids are getting enough protein, iron, etc. You know, the right balance of nutrients in every meal. Love baking and vegan baking is even better! Keep up the good work on your blog :-) I've shared it with many!

  7. How generous of you! I don't think I'd be able to part with any of my cookbooks. I've wanted this book for ages now :)
    As for what I'd like to see on the blog...hmmm..maybe some tips on approaching non-vegan recipes? Also, ideas for using herbs! I've been growing lots but never really know what flavour combinations work best.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. That's so nice of you! I love to bake :)

    I'd love to see ideas of food that you can take with you on the street -considering I live in a city that has one vegan restaurant, I always find myself having to leave the house with sandwiches, trail mixes and cookies if I'm going to be away for more than 5 hours.

  9. Baking is my stress release!

    I always like to see lots of creative salad recipes; I get in a salad rut pretty regularly.

  10. i have really enjoyed your blog so far, stumbled across it a few months ago. i always like to see "quick and easy" type recipes, but also echo the request for sandwich filling ideas. i am pretty sure my coworkers think all i consume is hummus and peanut butter.

  11. I love recipes that use ingredients I am most likely to have in my home already.. I would love to be able to use whole wheat flour, not something random and obscure that I cannot find in the average grocery store. Truth be told, I won't take the time and spend the money to purchase random things to try one recipe...
    Do keep up with the photos - I love them!
    sbabij2 at shaw dotca

  12. what a great giveaway!

    just stumbled across your blog while looking for a tempeh salad recipe - found one you posted back in 2007 with grapes and have bookmarked it!

    seasonal summer desserts are always great posts :)

  13. Jess, that is still one of my favorite recipes for a summer salad or sandwich filling. Red grapes in it sound odd, I know, but taste amazing. Like a party in your mouth. :)

  14. I'd love to see some practical tips on how to approach making original recipes! Do you just think of tastes? Where do you start to figure out measurements in baking!?

    Thanks for the opportunity :)