Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fresh Orange Juice

Well, we've had our juicer for a little while now and we're still using it quite a bit. Our favorite juice is definitely the apple-carrot-beet-ginger juice but I think fresh orange juice is a close second. We've become completely spoiled now. I don't ever want to drink juice anymore unless it's one we make ourselves.

I'm wondering if we're getting any extra vitamins since some of the white part of the orange gets juiced doing it this way. I think that's where bioflavanoids and stuff like that hang out. I don't know, but it sure tastes delicious.


The coolest thing about orange juice made through a juicer instead of just being squeezed is the frothiness. It sounds kind of odd when you think about frothy orange juice, but it's awesome. It tastes almost creamy or something. I mean, just look at those awesome little bubbles!


I think my cats like juice, too because they always seem to be hanging out when I'm taking pictures of it. I think I might go make a glass of carrot juice right now, actually.



  1. I know that this might not be proper, but I am very desperate and I just am needing to reach out to the blogging community. Please read this blog-the second issue addressed-to understand.

  2. I don't know why I never squeeze my own oranges, I love proper freshly squeezed juice. I'm going to buy some oranges and get on it this week!

  3. Ive never seen pure orange juice that looked so downright creamy! I sure wish I could have a tall glass of this right this very moment... Seems so simple yet satisfying for a hot day.