Saturday, April 26, 2008


There are so many pictures of my cat, Piper, on the blog. I do have two other cats, so I wanted to show them being cute, too. Whenever I'm cooking, Piper loves to be in the kitchen. She usually sits on the top of the refrigerator and watches me. Sometimes she jumps down and tries to help, too. ;)

The other two pretty much decide to go in the living room and be as cute as possible in hopes that I'll leave the kitchen and give them lots of pets. It's a tried and true cat method. I mean, seriously. How could you resist this?


Or this?


:D And I wanted to share how beautiful Vancouver is in the spring. These pictures are from two weeks ago. If you can imagine, there are actually more trees bursting with blossoms now. It's amazingly beautiful. Even the air smells fragrant in some places.



Check me out. Two posts in one day! :D


  1. Aren't kitties so helpful :) My cat Kalyra sits on top of the fridge too, or the ledge above the sink. The other two think they are dogs and wait on the floor for me to drop anything! Cats are so funny.

  2. I love kitties and spring! Seriously, after a long winter, these 2 things make me very happy.

  3. I just discovered your blog. What a treat!

  4. You are so amazing. I've had your blog open for the last week as a permanent tab. I'm so into cooking now, you are an inspiration. You're gonna make me healthier and you don't even realize it!

    Love you!!!!!! Rae